The Science Of Melanin Biology & Nutrition – Beginners level

Course overview

The melanin & Nutrition for beginners course is the fundamental learning step for the inner working of the relationship between food and the dark matter known as melanin.  This course breaks down the melanin dynamics within the human race and how far the potential high frequency vibration of melanin could decide our fate. Through scientific research and cutting edge studies we look to establish that diet is key to understanding the application of melanin and uncover hidden truth about its key role in civilization.

What To Expect

We begin to shift the mind pattern by introducing new levels of information to gain a better understanding of the value of melanin. Map the God temple,  sense of self, importance of existence and how to raise your vibration through food. 

Week 1 – Introduction to Melanin Science

Introduction to melanin biology – melanocyte and how melanin is produced via our DNA.


  • Students will learn fundamental DNA structure and where melanin is found on the chromosome.  You will understand what DNA is and it’s function from an occult concept.
  • Students will be well versed on biology and how melanin influences our biological system.

Week 2 – Melanin derived hormones

Breaking down melatonin and serotonin to understand how human experience is heavily influenced by these melanin derivatives.


  • Students will understand dynamics of the circadian rhythm and its effects on the whole body.

Week 3 – Different types of melanin in humans

Learning the difference between eumelanin and pheomelanin to help you understand the biochemical mechanism of human colour.


  • Students will have a great understanding of how melanin is a distinct marker in human genetics.

Week 4 – Intermittent fasting

Dive deep into the science of intermittent fasting and its mental, physical and emotional benefits for the body.


  • Students will overstand the mechanics of intermittent fasting and how to properly apply the necessary principles to achieve maximum health.

Week 5 – How food affects the body

How does food affect your behaviour and what we can do to gain emotional, mental and physical  balance in the body. We will be observing the cultural aspects of food.


  • Students will learn the effects of food and its biochemical reaction in the body. This will allow us to gain a deeper knowledge of the cognitive and emotional response to biochemical changes in the body.

Week 6 –  The role of minerals and vitamins in the body

Study the role of minerals and vitamins in the body and their organic source. Breaking food down into micro and macro minerals that help keep us alive.


  • Students will be well versed on minerals, how their sources and their roles in the body.  Students will grasp the importance of feeding your melanin and stimulating your pineal glands from the earth.

Included in course:

  • Tutoring sessions and one to one support via zoom
  • Email support on reading materials
  • Class slides available on request
  • Free copy of The Melanin Effect book

What’s Next After Registration?

Step 1 – You will receive an email with your class schedule and zoom links to access all your classes.

Step 2 – You will need to provide a contact number to be added to the study group.

Step 3 – Receive your free copy of The Melanin Effect book as your core reading material.

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