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Our deluxe package gets you all the necessary resources to maximize your 30 Days while not missing a beat. This is the package for champions who are in battle mode to break down barriers and they are not afraid to face their fears.


  • Melanin mineral plus spray with over 90 essential minerals (magnesium, copper, boron zinc, iron, calcium, selenium etc.)
  • The Melanin Effect Book
  • Intermittent fasting chart with eating times and food groups for holistic healing
  • Join our zoom group for tips and fitness hacks
  • A #foodisnotyourbae journal to keep track of what you’ve been eating and track your progress
  • Free access to one of our monthly workshops



Reviews (6)


  1. Jacqueline Clarke

    This was an awesome experience for me. I had tried every thing to lose weight and nothing work. I joined this challenge at the start of February 2021 and the programme changed my life. The nutritional guidance from Jo Dash taught me how to eat to heal my underactive thyroid and how to get my energy levels up.
    I lost 10lbs in the 30 days, I went from not enjoying walking to a minimum of 10K steps per day, from puffing breathlessly to 40 minutes of cardio vascular exercise 5 days per week, glowing skin, gut health improved immensely, cut wheat out of my diet completely and feeling like a new person.
    Everyone should try this 30 Day Challenge. It is well worth it.

  2. Odette Andries

    A sad day today as it is the last day of my participation in the 30 day challenge (Feb 2021) and what a journey it has been. The group participation and camaraderie has been fantastic and we all encouraged and spurred each other on.

    Despite starting off resolute that I had nothing to change in my lifestyle – over the past 30 days I have:

    – Effortlessly changed my eating window from
    12 – 8 to 12 – 6 – having just one meal a day.

    – Lost just under half a stone in weight.

    – I now start the day sipping water.

    – Switched from brown sugar to coconut sugar.

    – Changed my first choice of cooking oil from avocado oil (still a healthy oil) to coconut oil.

    – Learnt to like kale and okra.

    – Started taking vital supplements like Vit D3, zine, magnesium, flaxseed oil etc.

    – Smashed my personal daily steps record by totting up 40k steps in one day (at the age of 65!)

    It has been a fantastic learning experience and I will always be grateful to Jo Dash for the wealth of life changing information he imparted to us all. He is a font of information, knowledge and wisdom and the ultimate mentor. I highly recommend the challenge to anyone who regards their health and wellbeing as important. Eager to learn more, it is now onwards and upwards for me – Melanin Academy here I come!

  3. Carol McKerr

    My experience has been fab and I’ve loved every aspect of the 30 day challenge. Jo has been amazing, He is knowledgeable and very passionate about food and our relationship with food. I lost 8 lbs and am over the moon but what’s even better is that I’ve lost inches from my bust and waist resulting in my clothes fitting so much better. I want to continue this journey and am joining The Academy. Really looking forward to learning so much more! Thanks so much Jo!

  4. Carol McDonald

    Thank you for this turly amazing experience I started this programme February 2021 I’ve learnt so much.

    Jo’s knowledge is phonominal, I throughly enjoyed being part of a group of like minded individuals to share in the journey. it was such a great thing to see group participants showing off their delicious healthy menus, exercise dairies, advice and support from the team and much more.

    I am so happy to say that I have lost over a stone in weight on this program I feel much more healthy eating and living this way is my new way of life.

    I have decided to continue on with my journey and take it to the next level because I feel I have still much more to learn. I will be definitely signing up to the Academy.

  5. Patricia

    I joined the Intermittent Fasting challenge to reduce my Cholesterol levels as nothing else seemed to work.
    I learned so much including oils to use, Vitamins to take, water intake, what a healthy plate looks like and so much more all tailored to my individual requirements through weekly 121 meetings.
    After 30 days I have lost 9lbs and reduced my Cholesterol levels from 6.8 to 5.9.
    I would recommend this challenge to everyone, You will not be disappointed and you have the information for life.
    Worth every penny.
    Thank you Jo and your team.

  6. Marcia Johnson

    I have just completed the 30 day transformational challenge and it has been exactly that; a transformation (well for me at least).
    I have transformed my way of eating with the help of Jo Dash and team. His knowledge of food and what the body needs, along with detailed explanations made me think hard and fast before I went for the cookie jar or the cake tin.
    I didn’t in my wildest dreams believe that I would be able to eat within a restricted time frame. First meal at 12pm. Really! Stop eating by 8pm – as a constant grazer I thought that would be impossible. By the end of the second week, I was having a smoothie, with only one meal and feeling extremely satisfied.
    I joined the challenge primarily to get my glucose levels under control. To say that I was surprised by my results is putting it mildly. My levels dropped significantly, from 12.7 to 5.5, along with my hypertension and a weight loss of 13lbs. I also had the added bonus of a total loss of 7inches from around my body.
    Should you join?
    Well I would highly recommend it. It’s been worth every penny.
    Thank you Jo Dash.

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