The Melanin Effect book offers readers the best work from some of the world’s leading researchers, scholars and scientists on melanin. Understanding melanin can offer you an insight to the universal truth that we are all unique and that’s what makes us special in every way. Opening up your understanding of melanin to your own optimal diet, mental state, emotional wellbeing and greater consciousness. Our ancestors spoke about the third eye and the body being a temple for resurrection by light. Modern science and ancient science have never had such a fruitful discussion than this book. It’s for the curious, the willing, the thought provoking, the self developer, the self identity proclaimer and the enlightened ones who are known as the “Melanin Effect”.


Workshops & Courses

The Melanin Effect course for beginners is the fundamental first step to understanding the inner working of the biological dark matter known as melanin. It explores the microbiology and cellular properties that make Africans unique. The course breaks down melanin dynamics to determine the exact potential of the high frequency vibrations in melanin to decide our fate. Through scientific research and cutting edge studies we establish diet as key to understanding the application of melanin and uncover the hidden truth about its history and future role in civilization.


This course also helps students begin to understand how food affects melanin on a biochemical level. We aim to shift mind patterns by looking at the energy and consciousness required to discover a true sense of self.


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Jo Dash is the voice of our youth. He brings a unique but powerful perspective to the science of health conversation. Dash is a straight-talking community lecturer who is seen as a revolutionary in the field of melanin health studies.


Dash has aligned his scientific knowledge with his personal interest in African history, spirituality and cultural science. He observed the Moorish culture in the United States to bolster his understanding of Africans in the diaspora, and traditional holistic concepts. He now has over 10 years independent research on the science of melanin & food culture.


Dash draws upon his interdisciplinary awareness in his monthly classes on melanin nutritional science, where his students explore the different layers of existence based on academia and philosophy. He is the founding director of the Aboriginal Health Group.


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